Greeting Cards in Lubbock

Why Choose AIM Mail Centers for Your Greeting Cards?

Sending greeting cards through our service is easy. Simply visit any AIM Mail Center, select the perfect card, and we'll take care of the rest. Envelopes, postage, and scheduled delivery are no problem when sending greeting cards with AIM Mail Centers.

AIM Mail Centers is your ideal one-stop-shop for beautiful greeting cards that not only say the right thing, but arrive just in time for those special occasions. Here is why our greeting card service is a great fit for your needs.

Diverse Collection

You will find a fantastic selection of funny, sweet, and personality-rich cards. No matter the event or recipient, our display of high-quality printed greeting cards will help you share your true feelings through poetry and just the right imagery.

Artistic Designs

Your loved ones will be able to display your card on the mantel or keep it pressed in a scrapbook with pride, as each card features unique and meaningful artwork from one of our many greeting card artists.


Once your card is chosen, we'll take care of the rest. AIM Mail Centers can provide the envelope and proper postage. You can also rely on us for timely shipping of your greeting cards. Our staff will gladly help you select the ideal shipping service and speed to ensure that your greeting cards arrive on time for any holiday or special occasion, from overnight to standard postal delivery. We can even offer certified mail to make sure your card gets into the right hands.

Special Offers

Keep an eye out for cards on sale and ask about any ongoing deals when you come in to choose or custom-print your greeting cards. Our staff will gladly help you share a meaningful sentiment at the best price and shipping speed.

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