Quality Packing Materials

Packing materials in Lubbock
Packing Materials in Lubbock

Carrier-Approved Packing Materials & Techniques

The professionals at AIM Mail Center in Lubbock use only carrier approved shipping and packing materials, as well as deploy carrier approved packing methods. AIM Mail Centers also provides expert crating services for heavy or valuable items.

Before you ship, please see the "AIM Packing Difference" in our noteworthy Egg Crushers viral video. Yes, our professionals have packed raw eggs… Shipped, beaten, and still unbroken!

Most AIM Mail Centers use recycled materials, while also accepting packing materials [including packing peanuts] from customers to recycle. Each AIM Mail Centers location carries shipping, moving and storage supplies… Yes, there is a difference.

  • Approved shipping materials and packing methods.
  • Crating services for heavy or valuable items.
  • Declared-value assurance and fast shipment Tracker
  • In-store sale of shipping, moving and storage boxes and supplies.
  • See the "AIM Packing Difference" – Egg Crushers viral video!

Look to the AIM Mail Center in Lubbock for your recycled products.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (806) 785-0000.

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