Shipping Supplies in Cathedral City

Whether you are a manufacturer, reseller, or supplier, AIM can help you pack your goods in the best way possible. We have various packing supplies that ensure your items reach your customers safe, secure, and intact. Check out our noteworthy Egg Crushers video to see the AIM Mail Centers packing professionals in action.

The "AIM Packing Difference" involves working with our clients to ensure the packaging method enhances their business goals. Here are some of the packing materials we work with at AIM Mail Centers.

Paper Wrap

This type of packaging is made using pulp sourced from wood or other sources, such as bamboo or hemp. Many manufacturers use paper wraps to cover various products before shipping them out.

Bubble Packing

Bubble packing is a preferred method of packing various items. The wrap is typically made of a thin, transparent plastic material, which seals and covers items. Bubble packing is largely preferred for packaging easily breakable, sentimental, sensitive, or fragile items. The bubbles act as a cushion to protect items from scratches or breakage.


Cardboard packaging is a popular practice because the material has three layers. There are two layers of liner on both ends and a wave layer in the middle. This construction offers plenty of cushioning and protection for the packaged items.

Cardboard also tends to be highly durable, puncture-proof, and crush-proof. Furthermore, it is relatively inexpensive to transport and store since it is collapsible and lightweight. When necessary, AIM builds custom boxes to fit shipments of all shapes and sizes.


Packing tape is an essential aspect of safe packing as they help seal packages and boxes. You could also use the adhesive tapes to bundle, wrap, and enclose items as you prepare to handle, store, and ship them.

AIM Mail Centers: Your Custom Packaging Provider

AIM Mail Centers has many packaging solutions ready. All you have to do is pick one that best suits your needs. Reach out to our packing professionals today to learn more.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (760) 548-0075.

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