Need a new address?

Mailbox Rental in Los Gatos
Mailbox Rental in Los Gatos

You can use ours.

An AIM Private Mailbox ensures a street address, and a secure location for all mail and packages. At AIM Mail Center in Los Gatos, our Private Mailboxes discourage identity theft, assures acceptance of service for those operating businesses, and provides out-of-town forwarding. Plus, experience even more convenience from our eAlert service… Text or e-mail notification to computer, cell phone or mobile device!

  • Discourages iD theft…  Via mail placed within your home mail box, or from packages left on your doorstep.
  • Ideal payment boxes for business or rental payments.
  • AIM Mail Centers' eAlert service saves you time and gas…  Know what shipment, package, or post has been recently received into your AIM Private Mailbox.
  • High-touch support service is perfect for the business owner, road warrior or virtual operator.

So try our Private Mailbox Rental Services today. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (408) 377-2005.

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