June 10, 2016

Is your child going to summer camp this year? Often, summer camp is one of the first times kids are away from home for an extended period of time, so let your child know you’re thinking of him or her by sending a care package. Check with the camp in advance to find out if they allow care packages and if there are any restrictions on items which can be sent. If the camp your child is going to allows care packages, here are some clever ideas of themed-care packages you can send:

  1. Favorite Snacks Care Package – Send a few small snacks to make sure your kids have their favorite treats on hand, like cookies, chips, granola bars, candy, and crackers.
  2. Fun & Games Care Package – Fill this care package with fun things to help them relax and pass any downtime. Items like travel board games, Mad Libs, and Frisbees will help your children stay entertained and make friends.
  3. Memories Care Package – Help your child document their adventure by sending them everything they need, like a journal, pencils, and a disposable camera, to collect mementos from camp.
  4. Forgotten Items – It’s not uncommon to forget to pack a few things, so send a thoughtful care package with a few necessities they may have left behind, like extra socks, bug spray, sunscreen, and lip balm.
  5. Rainy Day Care Package – If it happens to rain while your child is at camp, send them some items to help them stay entertained and bond with their fellow campers. Items like friendship bracelet kits, a box of ice breaker questions, and activity books are great options for this care package.

Make sure to send your care package a few days before camp starts so that it gets to your child in time. When you’re ready to ship your care package, visit the AIM Mail Center nearest you!  The friendly professionals will help you finish packing your care package and ship it off to your child.  They’ll even compare UPS and FedEx shipping rates to help you find the best way to get it there!

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