Private Mailboxess

Mailbox Rental: We're Here So You Don't Have to Be

An AIM Private Mailbox rental ensures a real street address, and a secure location for all mail and packages. At AIM Mail Centers, our Private Mailboxes discourage identity theft, assures acceptance of service for those operating businesses, and provides out-of-town forwarding. Plus, experience even more convenience from our eAlert service through text or e-mail notifications to computer or mobile device.

Advantages of Renting a Mailbox with AIM

  • Discourages identity theft through mail placed within your home mail box, or from packages left on your doorstep.
  • Mailbox rentals serve as ideal payment boxes for business or rental payments.
  • AIM Mail Centers' eAlert service saves you time and gas. Get notified of what shipment, package, or post has been recently received into your AIM Private Mailbox.
  • High-touch support service is perfect for the business owner, road warrior or virtual operator.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you receive packages without an address?
    1. A private mailbox is the best way to receive packages without using a home address. At AIM Mail Centers, we will accept your packages and keep them secure in your private mailbox.
  2. What are some reasons to have a private mailbox?
    1. Many people use their private mailbox as a business address so they aren’t listing their home address in their business listings. Others utilize a private mailbox to avoid porch pirates, inclement weather, safe storage, and convenience.
  3. Can I use a private mailbox as my business address?
    1. Yes, at AIM Mail Centers, all private mailboxes are provided with a street address for professional appearances.