Scanning and Shreddings

We can help to reduce the clutter and quickly clean up your office by professionally scanning and shredding your piles of old papers for you.

Say goodbye to a cluttered office. Our scanning and shredding services create space in your place! With help from the professionals at AIM Mail Centers, you can maintain your sanity and security by eliminating the burden of storing physical documents.


Preserve your records with our scanning service. Now more than ever, having access to digital documents is vital – they can be attached to an email, uploaded to websites or referenced from your laptop or mobile device. Digitized documents free up room in your office so you can get back to business. Our scanning service, combined with your favorite cloud-based storage solution puts documents at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are.


Whether you need to shred documents to protect sensitive information or just want to get rid of the clutter around your office, our shredding service gets the job done! Shredding ensures documents are securely disposed of, eliminating the risk of data breach, reducing paper buildup, and giving you peace of mind. Enjoy more room in your office by freeing up that row of filing cabinets or corner table full of papers.

There’s no need to hang on to so many of your old documents when you can scan and shred them. AIM Mail Centers will handle the whole process for you so you can get back to business.

We can deliver scanned files with the following options:

  • E-mailed as a link to download the file - most common, and useful for files larger than 10 MB
  • E-mailed as a file attachment - only useful for smaller files
  • Copied to a USB drive
  • If you need a particular file format, please call us at (800) 456-1525 to ensure we can accommodate your specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of document scanning?
    1. Document scanning helps in reducing paper clutter, improving accessibility, enhancing document security, enabling easy sharing and collaboration, and creating a backup of important documents.
  • What are the best practices for document scanning?
    1. Ensure documents are clean and free of folds or creases, organize them appropriately, adjust scanner settings for optimal quality, and choose suitable file formats.
  • Can I scan multiple pages into one document?
    1. Yes, you to scan multiple pages into a single document, creating a multi-page PDF or other formats.
  • What types of documents should be shredded?
    1. Documents containing personal information, financial data, medical records, legal documents, proprietary business information, and any other sensitive data should be securely shredded.
  • How do I prepare documents for shredding?
    1. Remove any non-paper items (like paper clips or staples) from the documents. Group documents to be shredded together, but ensure they are not too thick to feed into the shredder.