Frequently Asked Questions


Can you ship anything?
Almost; the only real exceptions are hazardous materials or items prohibited by law.

Do you offer coverages against loss or damage in shipping?
Of course, And if we do the packing, your items are covered for both loss and damage.

Will you pick up my items for shipping?
We can. Ask for details at your local AIM Mail Center.

I'm moving my business, can you help?
Certainly. We can provide full moving services, including packing and transporting office equipment and furniture.

Do you offer packing assistance?
Yes. Whether you need assistance on-site or in-store, our years of experience in preparing thousands of shipments ensures your item will be packed to professional that the carriers will honor in covering your shipping against loss or damage.  If you need packing materials, we've got a variety of supplies for the job: packaging tape, labels, foam or bubble packaging and, of course, plenty of boxes in all sizes.  All designed to minimize shipping costs while maximizing protection of your valuables.

What's the value of private mailbox rental?
There are many reasons, but two are convenience and security. Many AIM Mail Center locations offer 24-hour access, and with your permission, your AIM Mail Center will accept packages and overnight letters from UPS, FedEX and the USPS, storing them safely until it's convenient for you to pick them up. Also, a private mailbox is a great way to keep your business customers and communications away from your home, providing safety for your family as well.

Why is AIM Mail Center a good choice for my home-based business?
We're located in your neighborhood, and we have all the equipment you'd need but don't need to buy: copy machines (for color and black-and-white), a fax machine (including a separate phone line ensuring voice calls don't interfere), mailing and shipping supplies, office supplies, even key-making at many locations.   AIM Mail Center staff members are professionally trained to use the correct materials and expertise for each and every job. We treat your goods like they were our own. Plus, we guarantee our work.

What if we're talking about shipping Grandma's rocking chair 
or curio cabinet?  Can you do large items, too?

Yes.  As part of the Annex Brands franchise system, we can ship anything from a piece of paper to an ocean container, all expertly packed by professionals with decades of experience.

How do I find the closest AIM Mail Center Location?
Or better yet, how do I open one of my own?

Well, you're already halfway there. Just click on Locations for a complete listing of AIM Mail Center locations around the country.  Or, if you're looking to own your own shipping franchise, the Franchise Opportunities section will tell you more about joining the AIM Mail Center family and what you need to do next.  Whether your interest is as a customer or a future colleague, we look forward to hearing from you soon!