Shipping Servicess

AIM Mail Centers Ships via FedEx, UPS, DHL and other contract carriers.

AIM Mail Centers will save you time and money with one-stop shopping for all your packing and shipping needs. You can compare shipping rates for UPS, FedEx, and USPS. See rates for ground and overnight shipping and choose the rate and service that best fits your needs.

AIM Mail Centers Shipping Carriers, Options & Benefits

  • Compare Shipping Carriers with AIM Mail Centers

  • AIM Mail Centers Shipping Options

    • Next Day Shipping
    • Overnight Shipping of letters, parcels and even freight.
    • Second Day Shipping saves you money while assures guaranteed delivery times.
    • Three Day Shipping gives you economy and a money back guarantee.
  • AIM Mail Centers Shipping Benefits

    • Ground deliveries available to all addresses in the United States as well as delivery to Mexico and Canada.
    • Parcel delivery to more than 200 countries.
    • Packing materials and professional packers are ready to help protect your property.
    • Custom crating and freight options are also available.

AIM Mail Centers Shipping Services

AIM offers multiple shipping options; whether your package is extremely fragile, light but over-sized, heavy and awkward, or just needs to be there fast. Favorable rates, shipment tracking, declared-value assurance, plus your AIM advisor is professionally trained using only carrier approved methods and materials. And, for all the small businesses we serve, AIM Mail Centers offers Frequent Shipper savings, as well as later pickup times!

So give your AIM Mail Centers a call at (800) 456-1525 and see how pleasant it will be to work with one of our shipping professionals.

  1. Where to buy shipping boxes?
    1. Your local AIM Mail Center can provide all the necessary boxes and packaging items to make your shipment easy and straightforward.
  2. Can you ship alcohol?
    1. Shipping alcohol varies per shipping carrier and state. Visit or contact your local AIM Mail Center to learn more about shipping alcohol.
  3. How to print shipping labels?
    1. Printing shipping labels is easy when you visit your local AIM Mail Center. AIM can help you choose the right service and print your label in store.
  4. How much is it to ship a package?
    1. Shipping rates depend on the size, value, destination, and shipping service. Contact your local AIM Mail Center for more information.