September 13, 2023

Shipping has become a prominent part of our everyday lives. Businesses ship supplies to one another, and e-commerce has exploded as customers order packages to their door instead of venturing out to shop in person. However, the more valuable or delicate the items being shipped, the more important packaging becomes.

The industry has developed sophisticated packaging technology to meet this growing need. Specialized packaging now exists for nearly every type of product, and can help mitigate typical problems encountered when shipping thousands of orders. Let's explore the innovative packaging technology available to businesses in 2023.

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging solves problems. Each element of smart packaging is designed to solve a specific issue that occurs frequently in shipping based on the value and contents of each package.

RFID Tags & Location Sensors

How do you know where your package is? RFID tags and location sensors make it possible to track individual packages on the shipping journey without relying solely on barcode scanning. RFID tags emit a tiny radio signal that can be picked up by equipment in trucks and transport hubs to provide location updates, while location sensors might go so far as to include a micro-gps for high-value packages.

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging

How do customers know that they are getting an authentic item? Packaging that prevents or proves counterfeiting can be used for this purpose. Tags, boxing, and other packaging elements that are nearly impossible to replicate can be used to assure customers that they have been shipped the real thing. Some methods include layered holographic labels, micro-markers, and registered serial numbers.

Filtering Materials

Filtering materials are used when a package is likely to be damaged by environmental conditions. Ethylene filters absorb the gas released by ripening produce like fruits and vegetables to help them remain pre-ripe during shipment. Oxygen absorbers reduce the amount of oxygen in an air-tight package to increase safety and quality on delivery. 

Most people are familiar with moisture control in the form of little silicate packages that absorb extra moisture to prevent spoilage or mold growth in shipped items. Light filtering materials like opaque bags may be used if light can damage the product in transit, even within a closed box.

Anti-Microbial Coating

If microorganisms get into foods or natural fibers, they can damage a product in shipping; antimicrobial coating and antimicrobial packaging materials can help to stop microorganisms before they reach the product.

Sustainable Packaging

With millions of packages being packed and transported each year, sustainable packaging is more important than ever before. Customers should be able to recycle, compost, and/or reuse their packing materials in order to reduce the environmental impact of constant shipping.

100% Recyclable Materials

100% recyclable packing materials ensure that a shipment's entire packaging can be put in the recycle bin to become something new. This removes elements like Styrofoam peanuts or non-recyclable plastic from the mix in favor of recycled paper and recyclable plastics.

Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable materials are often made of paper pulp and other substances designed to break down quickly in a landfill. This reduces landfill waste and toxicity and may even join a customer's home compost pile as part of the dry "brown" mix instead of going to the landfill.

Mono Material Packaging

Mono-material packaging is when a product is shipped in packaging made from one item of recyclable material. Packaging made from just one material is easier for recycling plants to process.

AI Packaging Solutions

The latest in packaging technology involves the use of AI-driven selection. Efficient packaging is a constant challenge for logistics teams. Choosing the right packaging type, size, and filler is essential to both reduce waste and minimize unnecessary shipping costs. AI packaging solutions have the ability to carefully discern the best packaging for any shipment by dynamically matching the package's size and contents to its packaging needs. Whether a package requires a box or envelope or smart packaging filters can all be determined dynamically by the AI.

AI packaging tools can enable logistics centers to always use the most efficient and practical packaging for every package that is assembled and shipped from the site.

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