March 9, 2023

Whether shipping a collection of fine dishes or packing up your everyday glassware for a move, knowing how to properly and safely pack & secure these items is essential. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to pack and ship dishes and glassware.

Four Simple Packing Steps:

1. Layer the Bottom of the Box

To begin, it’s important to layer the bottom of the box with bubble packaging. This will create a cushion between your dishes/glassware and any hard surfaces if anything is dropped during transit. Several layers should be used, with each piece slightly larger than the previous one. Be sure to fill any gaps or holes between wrapped items with extra bubble packaging or packing paper so they do not get jostled when being transported.

2. Wrap Dishes & Glasses Individually

Wrap each dish/glass individually in multiple layers of bubble packaging or packing paper. Try to avoid using newspaper as the ink may come off on your pieces during transit. Ensure that each item is securely wrapped before placing it into the box—this will help prevent breakage due to shifting during transport. It may be helpful to use foam wrap around delicate pieces, such as stemware, for added protection.

3. Place Glassware in Box in Horizontal Rows

Place glassware in horizontal rows inside the box; start with heavier objects at the bottom and lighter objects on top. Never stack plates directly on top of one another—instead, place them side by side. Fill any gaps between dishes/glasses with more bubble packaging or packing material.

4. Seal & Label Box

Once items are secured, seal the box with tape along all seams and flaps—this will add an extra layer of protection against dust and moisture during transportation. Depending on the types of items enclosed, you would then label the box as "Fragile" or "This Side Up.” You should also include additional contact information such as your name and address on both sides, as well as directions for delivery if applicable (e.g., "Deliver After June 15th").

Important Tips When Shipping Dishes or Glasses

1. Label Box

Once your box is properly sealed, it’s important to label it as “Fragile” so handlers know extra care needs to be taken when handling your shipment. You can also select declared value coverage before shipping, which will help cover any costs associated with damage or theft should something happen during transit. For more information about coverage, contact your local AIM Mail Center.

2. Double-Check and Ship

After everything has been wrapped securely, double-check for any openings or gaps. You can then proceed with shipping by dropping it off at your local AIM.

Packing and Shipping Services at AIM Mail Centers

Understanding how to transport fragile items safely is important when you are shipping delicate items. By implementing techniques such as double boxing, wrapping plates and glasses individually, labeling, and utilizing coverage, you can worry less. Your nearest AIM Mail Centers location is also here to help should any packing or shipping questions and needs come up. Contact us today!