How to Choose a New Hairstyle in Laguna Woods, CA

August 30, 2016

Most people know that when it comes to choosing a hairstyle, you need to take into consideration the shape of your face and your natural skin tone. But, what if you want to have a good idea of what a style will look like before heading to the salon? Well, there’s an app for that. Available for Android devices, HairStyle Mirror lets you apply different hairstyles to photos of yourself so you can see what a new cut and color might look like before you make any changes. The app features over 100 styles in different lengths, textures, and colors so you can test different looks before settling on one.

If you live in Laguna Woods, CA and have decided on a new look, consider visiting Julian Hans Salon on El Toro Road. Serving Orange County locals for over 20 years, Julian Hans Salon offers a variety of services including hair styling, cut, color, extensions, and treatments. Their team of hair stylists stay current on the latest trends, so they can help Laguna Woods locals achieve both classic and trendy looks. The salon also offers a variety of hair products to help you maintain your new look until your next appointment.

If you purchase hair products at Julian Hans which a faraway friend or family member would love, just stop by the AIM Mail Center in Laguna Woods for help with any packing and shipping needs. The friendly professionals at AIM can even compare shipping rates between UPS and FedEx to help you find the best rate and service for your gifts.

With 88% of the private companies in the U.S. employing 19 or fewer employees (Source: U.S. SBA), we at AIM Mail Centers believe local businesses are vital to the health of the U.S. economy. Therefore, AIM Mail Centers is pleased to feature the Julian Hans Hair Salon as our Featured Local Neighborhood Business and encourages locals to buy from local businesses.

Julian Hans Hair Salon in Laguna Woods, CA

Image: Julian Hans Hair Salon Facebook page;

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