August 16, 2022

For well-established jewelry store owners, online sales have been a boon to their brands and bottom lines. But shipping jewelry across the globe comes with risk, and store owners know their reputations are on the line with every delivery.  If your store is just getting into the game, there are a few things to know about the process. We’ve gathered a few insights and tips on how to ship jewelry.

Security First

Jewelry is expensive, fragile, and sensitive -- a troublesome trio for any long-distance shipping. That’s why it’s essential to keep each individual piece of jewelry secure in sealed plastic bags specifically designed for jewelry. Be sure to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible before sealing. 

Proper Packaging

Once the jewelry itself is secured, place the sealed plastic jewelry bags in a jewelry shipping container, either cardboard or metal. Within the container, fill in any gaps with bubble packaging or paper to prevent movement during the shipping process. Consider securing the jewelry in a pouch and adding a note for a personal touch that can help boost your branding. 

Further Protection

While you now have multiple layers of protection, it’s time to take it even further. When it comes to shipping jewelry, it’s impossible to be too careful. You can now place the smaller jewelry shipping box or container into a larger shipping box or container. Use the same packing technique as the smaller box, filling in gaps with bubble packaging, foam, or packaging paper. 

Find a Shipping Solution

You’ll want to find a shipping solution that can be trusted to deliver your valuable packages on time and without damage.

Operating a jewelry business requires professionalism and efficiency, and finding a consistent and reliable shipping solution can be a major asset for an aspiring business owner.  AIM Mail Centers offer a wealth of experience in handling valuables, including jewelry. We can help you find the right packaging materials while also allowing you to easily compare shipping rates from all of the major carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Declared value coverage, high-value restrictions, and signature requirements? Our experts have you covered there as well. 

AIM Mail Centers is truly a one-stop shop for all of your jewelry shipping needs. For more information, contact an AIM Mail Center in your area, or visit a store to get your jewelry on its way today!