July 20, 2021

If you’re in need of a private place to receive physical mail, you have two options: a post office box (P.O. Box) or a private mailbox service. While both are similar, there are a few important differences between the two options. Let’s put them side by side, so you can decide which will work better for you. 

Privacy of Private Mailbox Service vs. P.O. Box

P.O. Box: A post office box allows users to establish an address away from their home. This is especially useful for business owners who operate out of their home and would like to separate their personal and business mail while also keeping their home address private and secure.

Private Mailbox: A private mailbox offers the same benefits as a P.O. Box, including giving users a secure and reliable address that won’t be targeted for identity theft and other nefarious acts. 

Advantage: DRAW

Flexibility of Private Mailbox Service vs. P.O. Box

P.O. Box: A P.O. Box, as a function of the federal U.S. Postal Service, accepts mail from USPS, but other delivery sources are limited. UPS, for example, does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. If a package must be signed for, a P.O. Box will not accept its delivery.

Private Mailbox: Most delivery sources are accepted at private mailboxes, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Another major benefit of private mailboxes is accessibility. Many companies, including AIM Mail Centers, offer 24-hour access to your private mailbox. This allows users the ability to pick up a package on their time, and they can rest easy that their package will be signed for and stored securely.

Advantage: Private Mailbox

Professional Credibility of Private Mailbox Service vs. P.O. Box

P.O. Box: While using a P.O. Box affords you privacy, it can detract from your professional credibility. Many people are unfamiliar with P.O Boxes, which can lead to skepticism. This is especially worrisome if you’re linking your business to a P.O. Box.

Private Mailbox: A private mailbox service gives you a real street address. Not only does this ensure that all deliveries are made, but it also allows business owners to expand into new territories or set up shop in a prestigious neighborhood or city.

Advantage: Private Mailbox

Additional Services of Private Mailbox Service vs. P.O. Box

P.O. Box: A P.O. Box doesn’t offer any services outside of a secure mailbox for USPS mail.
Private Mailbox: AIM Mail Centers private mailboxes come with a variety of additional services, including eAlert, which contacts you via email or text with updates on any deliveries. AIM Mail Centers private mailbox service also comes with out-of-town forwarding, ensuring you receive all of your mail even if you’re not in the area.

Advantage: Private Mailbox

Final Analysis of Private Mailbox Service vs. P.O. Box

A P.O. Box is a limited option that lacks the modern touch of a private mailbox service. While both options offer security, a private mailbox delivers on service, professionalism, and convenience. If you’re considering opening a P.O. Box or a private mailbox, contact or visit the AIM Mail Center in your area to get the most out of your new address.