Simple Tips for Healthy Skin in Beaverton, OR

September 15, 2016

Your skin is your largest organ, and a good skincare regime is important for your overall appearance and health, regardless of your age and gender. But, what does a good skincare regime include? Good Housekeeping talked with a group of dermatologists who shared some tips on products to use for healthy skin. Their top recommendations included protecting your skin with serums and sunscreen and using cooling masks to relax and sooth your skin. They also suggested using eye creams to prevent bags under your eyes and investing in a glycolic toner to help remove excess makeup and oils and prepare your skin for any overnight products you use.

If it’s time to update your daily skincare routine, go through your current products to figure out what you need. For those who live in the Beaverton, OR area, one place to visit for additional skincare products you may need is Cloche Beauty Boutique. With two locations to serve you, one in Beaverton and one in Portland, Cloche specializes in cosmetics, skincare products, hair care products, and more for both men and women. With a wide range of brands and products, you should have no problems finding something to suit your needs. If you need help, the beauty experts are available to help you figure out the right products for your skin and hair.

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Cloche Beauty Boutique in Beaverton, OR

Image: Cloche Beauty Boutique Facebook

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