February 2, 2017

Usually, notary fees are set by state law, and the charges can vary by state. The only exception is for a mobile notary, who may charge an additional fee for traveling. Traveling fees are not regulated by the state. According to the National Notary Association, these are the maximum fees you can expect to pay in 2017 for notary services at the AIM Mail Center locations in the states below.

Maximum Fees for Notary Services by State

StateAcknowledgementsJuratsVerbal Oath/Affirmation
Arizona$2 per signature$2 per signature$2 per person
California$15 per signature$15 per signature$15 per person
Colorado$5 ($10 eNotarization)$5 ($10 eNotarization)$5
LouisianaNotaries may set their fees
Pennsylvania$5 first signature; $2 for each additional signer$5$5
South Carolina$5 per signature$5 per signature$5 per person
TennesseeNotaries may set thier fees
Texas$6 first signature; $1 each additional signature$6$6

Source: National Notary Association

When you find yourself in need of notary service, there are certain steps you can take to prepare for your appointment. Most AIM Mail Center locations offer the services of a commissioned and insured Notary Public.  Notary services are usually available during store business hours, and some locations offer mobile Notary services.  If you need to get documents notarized, visit our Store Locator to find the AIM Mail Center nearest you.

Notary Public Services at AIM Mail Centers