November 17, 2022

Items purchased online undergo various stages before you can actually receive it from the shipping company. The most necessary steps include confirmation of the order, dispatching, shipping, and delivery. However, most people get confused or wonder what "Order Dispatched" means in the shipping process. If you have ordered a product and received a dispatching notification, here is the meaning of "Dispatched" or "Order Dispatched" in shipping.

What Does "Order Dispatched" Mean?

Order Dispatched, commonly referred to as "Dispatched," is a term used in shipping, meaning the purchased product has been packed, stamped, invoiced by the sender, and handed to a courier. The dispatching process involves various steps, including making a packaging label, completing invoices, generating shipping documents, and preparing the item for shipping. However, the item is yet to be shipped or handed over to the delivery company.

Generally, the entire shipment process entails various steps that the courier may take before your order is actually shipped. Standard terms used in shipping and order tracking include:

  • Ordered: It means you have ordered a product.
  • Picked Up: It means your product is shipped from the warehouse and handed to the packaging facility.
  • Prepared: This stage involves preparing the product for packaging, including other necessary information. While some sellers provide already packaged items, your product may still undergo preparation before dispatching.
  • Dispatched: It means the seller has packaged the product, organized all the necessary information, and handed it over to the delivery company.
  • Shipped: The package is with the courier and in transit to the carrier facility, where you can receive it within a few business days.
  • Out for Delivery: Once your product reaches the carrier facility, your order tracking will indicate "Out for Delivery," meaning it is departing the facility and on its way for delivery to you.
  • Received/Delivered: This is the last stage of shipment processing, meaning you have received your order.

What is the Difference Between "Dispatched" and "Shipped"?

When you get an order dispatch notification, it indicates that the seller has dispatched your order. Despite being the most straightforward part of the production, it may seem confusing for most buyers. Typically, it encompasses product preparation before shipping, from packaging to labeling and arranging all shipping documents such as the invoice.

For instance, the exterior shipping label is due to the dispatch process, and getting the "Order Dispatched" notification means all the necessary shipping details are complete. However, the product has not shipped yet, but is undergoing preparation before being handed to the courier.

After the seller has dispatched the product, the delivery company will begin the delivery process—this is where you will receive the "Shipped" notification. While most people understand the shipping process, it is often confused with "Order Dispatched."

For example, if you order a product from a different state, getting a dispatch notification implies that the product has the shipping label, invoice, and other relevant documents inside or outside the package. When the package leaves the packaging center, it is sent to the courier for shipping, where you will get the shipped notification.

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