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How to Ship Jewelry

August 16, 2022

For well-established jewelry store owners, online sales have been a boon to their brands and bottom lines. But shipping jewelry across the globe comes with risk, and store owners know their reputations are on the line with every delivery.  If your store is just getting into the game, there are a few things to know about the process. We’ve gathered a few insights and tips on how to ship jewelry.

How Do You Rent a Mailbox?

July 26, 2021
  1. Complete USPS Form 1583 at any AIM Mail Center location.
  2. Submit two forms of identification:
    1. Current driver’s license
    2. State identification card
    3. Armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card
    4. Passport
    5. Alien registration card
    6. Certificate of naturalization
    7. Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
    8. Voter card
    9. Vehicle registration card
    10. Home or vehicle insurance registration card

Tips on How to Ship a Motherboard

August 16, 2022

Shipping a motherboard can be extremely nerve-wracking whether you’re sending or receiving. The awkwardly shaped piece of computer hardware links all of the individual parts of a computer together, making it an essential but sensitive item to ship.

Motherboards are light and feature several protruding pieces that are vital to its function. These make motherboards particularly susceptible to handling damage during shipping. But if you follow these steps, you can be sure that the motherboard you ship arrives in working condition.