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4 Ways to Avoid Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

December 7, 2016

After a bit of holiday shopping online, you track your package and are excited to see it’s been delivered! But, when you finally get home, your package is nowhere to be found. After the delivery person dropped your package off, thieves came along and stole it right off your front porch. You are a victim of porch pirates, a crime which is unfortunately becoming all too common. Don’t let these thieves ruin your holiday season! There are ways to protect yourself from porch pirates, and they don’t involve expensive security systems or elaborate delivery instructions.

Make Your Gifts This Holiday Season in Santa Rosa, CA

November 30, 2016

If you’re a crafty person, making presents for your holiday gift exchanges is a great option. Not only is it usually easy on your budget, but you also give your friends and family unique gifts which let them know you were thinking of them specifically. Depending on your area of expertise, here are four ideas to help you get started with your holiday DIY gifts.