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Get Your Art Fix at the Artist’s Coop in Laurens, SC

April 17, 2012
Laurens, South Carolina is a historic town in the western part of South Carolina.  The public square and most of the surrounding streets are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the “Laurens Historic District”.  One of the businesses located on the public square is the Artist’s Coop.  The Artist’s Coop is a non-profit Artist Cooperative with over 60 members.  Offering a venue for many rural and unknown artists to display their work, the Artist’s Coop is a publi

Have a Sweet Time at the Lubbock Texas Arts Festival

April 11, 2012
Lubbock, Texas is the 11th most populous city in Texas and the economic center of the Lubbock metropolitan area.  The Lubbock Arts Alliance is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that Lubbock has a vibrant, growing art scene.  Every year, the Lubbock Arts Alliance hosts the Lubbock Arts Festival, a weekend-long event that draws over 100 artists from across the nation.

Visit Historic Santa Clarita, California and Participate in the First Thursdays Art Walk

April 5, 2012
Santa Clarita, California is filled with fun and interesting things to do.  A must-see community is Newhall, the oldest district of Santa Clarita.  Started in 1876, Newhall is one of the most historic communities in the Santa Clarita Valley.   On the first Thursday of every month from 4PM to 8PM, visitors and residents of Santa Clarita can experience an artistic side of Newhall by participating in the First Thursday Art Walk.

Browse the Baton Rouge Louisiana Arts Market

April 4, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana has an expanding arts scene, centered in downtown Baton Rouge. Two of the main art venues in Baton Rouge are the Shaw Center for the Arts and the Louisiana Art and Science Museum (LASM).  Throughout Baton Rouge, there are several smaller art galleries that feature a variety of local art.  Residents and visitors to Baton Rouge can also see local art at the Baton Rouge Arts Market.